We take brands places

We help brands and businesses to connect with their target market by turning trucks into iconic and recognizable billboards that can
reach every province in South Africa. TruckAds provides brands and businesses with a visible presence in a specific province, inter-provincially or across borders.


We have taken time to make this a smooth and pleasant experience for all stakeholders (Advertisers and Transporters)  which we've broken down into 3 steps.


  1. Choose your truck size (4ton, 8 ton, 16ton or 34 ton).
  2. Select your region/ preferred routes.
  3. We handle production, monthly tracking, reporting and maintenance.

How we do it


gallery/4ton - here
gallery/18ton - here
gallery/30 ton - here

4ton Trucks

Trailer Length: 4,1m | H: 2m | B: 2m

8 to 16ton trucks

Trailer Length: 6,3m | H: 2,5m | B: 2,3m


30 to 34ton Trucks

Trailer Length: 16m | H: 2,6m | B: 2,4m

Why TruckAds

Daily vehicle capacity on the South African highways range from 150 000 on the M1 to over 300 000 on the N1. This translates into over 100 000 advertising and branding opportunities per vehicle per day. These advertising and branding opportunities affords you the opportunity to market your brand or product to economically active South African commuters and pedestrians.

Highly Visible & High Reach

We offer trucks that travel only in specific regions and the long distance trucks that move from province to province, allowing brands to reach consumers in multiple provinces.

Local, Provincial or Cross boarder campaigns made easier

Truck advertisements have been argued by many to have one of the lowest CPM impressions available to advertisers, with a cost coming in at +/- R20 - R30 per thousand.

Cost effective

TruckAds allow for unlimited creativity! Eye-catching, informative Truck Ads implant an image or message into the mind of the communters and Finally,allow your message to be spread in multpile locations instead of in only one area.

Eye Catching

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